Doggie Fun Fair | Superhero Dog Show in Philippines
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Superhero Dog Show in Philippines

Report by Rob Gillett (On Demand News)

Dog owners and their pets have dressed up as their favourite superheroes as part of a fashion show promoting animal welfare in the Philippines.

The doggie caped crusaders and their owners went on stage and performed simple tricks that loosely imitated their superhero persona.

Dog owner, Christine Caballero, said her dog’s unique superpower was extreme loyalty: “Other people may betray you, but your dog will always be there and give you happiness.”

Show organiser Beverly Ongson said: “Dogs don’t need real superpowers to be our hero. They can be a hero in their little ways, in their random ways.”

The superhero fashion show aims to promote animal welfare between pet owners amid rising cases of animal cruelty being reported by the Filippino authorities.

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