Doggie Fun Fair | Dogs Invade the Doggie Fun Fair
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Dogs Invade the Doggie Fun Fair

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Last August 26, 2012, the Doggie Fun Fair was held at the fields of Circulo Verde. We got there pretty early and had the chance to play around the wide field with my dogs, Chelsea and Batman.

And lucky for us that we came early because we were able to witness how the event got little by little taken over by so many dogs and pet parents who are set to enjoy the day! But first things first, we registered at the booth early so we can quickly grab our breakfast before the day begins.

After breakfast, we roamed around and checked out different exhibitors of the day. There were plenty of good finds that day; there was already a free grooming area, vaccination and veterinary consultation and several promos by the exhibitors. Many of the attendees made the most out of the day by shopping crazily from dogs clothes to pet food. The discounted prices are just too good to miss and so many needed loads and loads of shopping bags, well of course, the more shopping bags, the happier the dogs are. I’m sure they couldn’t wait to check out what their mommies and daddies got for them.

When the program was about to start, we quickly grabbed a seat in front of the stage so we can really listen to the talks by PAWS, CARA and so many more. Key people like Ms. Bernie of Doodles Paw Couture, Ms. Joy of Pawsitive Education and Dr. Abel Manalo were among the special guests who shared their knowledge.

Although we were not able to finish the entire day, we really learned a lot from the first half of the day. It was a very interesting and insightful day of pet parenting learning. The next half if the day was filled with more upbeat activities like the Super PAWer Fashion show, pet blessings and so much more. No wonder the Doggie Fun Fair had a total invasion!

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