Doggie Fun Fair | Doggie Fun Fair
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What do you get when you combine canine fashion, pet blessing, obstacle course, games, shopping, informative talks, networking with dog groups and associations and a worthy cause? Manila’s Biggest Dog Festival! Last August 26, 2012, PetLovers Closet and Online Philippines Corp. held “Doggie Fun Fair – Manila’s Biggest Dog Festival” at Circulo Verde’s Multipurpose Field to benefit the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and Compassion and Responsibility for Animals or CARA Welfare Philippines.

Doggie owners eagerly await for our most anticipated Pet Blessing segment.

Around 1,500 dog owners and aficionados took part of this event to avail of free grooming, vaccination, veterinary services, behavior consultation, pet first aid, and blessing for their furry best friends. Guest speakers educated present and interested dog owners about Responsible Pet Ownership, Pet Diseases, Pet Behavior and Training, Adoption, Responsible Pet Clothing, K9’s, and Dog Sports. More than 20 retailers from all over the country sold pet accessories, outfits, carriers, beds, grooming supplies and many more products! Several dog groups and associations conducted their monthly meet-and-greet as well as membership recruitment during the fair.

Fun games and talent shows hosted by Max Tiu

The highlight of the whole-day fair was the “Super PAWer Fashion Show”, a superhero-themed fashion show where dog owners showed their creativity and ability to charm the audience and guest judges through their costumes and personality. The contestants were asked what their dogs’ Super PAWer was, and why they considered their dogs a Super Hero. “She gave immeasurable joy to us, now my husband and I have a complete home”, answered one of the contestants, as she explained that she is unable to bear children. Beverly Ongson, one of the organizers explained, “Dogs do not need to have superpowers to be our heroes. They are our heroes in their own little ways”.

Super PAWer Fashion Show Contestant

Super PAWer Fashion Show

Grand Winner – Super PAWer Fashion Show

K9 Demonstration

in the obstacle course, families enjoying their picnics, fashionistas shopping for dog accessories and clothing, and guests lined up to receive free services and listen to informative talks, it was a day fair to remember. Because of the huge success of this event, we have decided to host this event annually and create an even bigger fair next year. Visit for more photos and details of our upcoming events.

Best of all, this event has been featured in news outlets WORLDWIDE! For the whole list of our media features, you may visit our MEDIA FEATURE page. In the meantime, here’s a preview of our event.

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