Doggie Fun Fair | Doggie Fun Fair 2
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Held at the Globe Circuit Events Place in Makati City last November 2014, the second instalment of Doggie Fun Fair: Manila’s Biggest Dog Festival was a bigger success with more than 2,000 people and 1,000 dogs in attendance! Proud furbaby parents learned from the top experts in dog training, grooming, pet behavior, and pet first aid. Participants also enjoyed FREE grooming services, rabies vaccination, vet consultations, dog training consultations and took part in our pet blessing!

Pet Blessing during Doggie Fun Fair Year 2

Dog Coach Francis talks about dog behavior and training during Doggie Fun Fair held at Circuit Makati

Eager to learn attendees filled out the chairs during our informative talks during Doggie Fun Fair Year 2

The highlight of the program was the fashion show, with the theme “In their Paws”. In this segment, we asked the contestants to dress as their doggie and their doggie dressed as them. Each contestant was asked how they would like to be treated if their roles are reversed with their dogs. One common answer among the contestants is if they were their dogs, they would like to be treated with respect. love and belongingness as part of the family. The participants not only wowed with their amazingly intricate costumes, but also taught us a lot about how we can be responsible dog owners.

The winners of our IN THEIR PAWS fashion show

We would like to thank everyone who came and supported our event, especially our partners and sponsors. We hope to see you again for Doggie Fun Fair Year 3 in 2016!

Check out a video summary of our event below.

This event was brought to you by Petlovers Closet and Online Philippines Corp

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Hosted by Max Tiu

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