Doggie Fun Fair | Doggie Fun Arf-fair at Cocogreen, a post Valentines celebration
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Doggie Fun Arf-fair at Cocogreen, a post Valentines celebration

Over 30 Fur babies arrived at Cocogreen Plantbased and Wholefoods to share an afternoon of fun, creativity and learning and of course, PRIZES!

We especially relied on flower-power for our store’s Love-nest theme


Some of the doggy-treat prizes for the raffle and giveaways!

Blooms in season, Malaysian arrangement

PACKED! So grateful for the outcome of the event.

Kembot Ko doing what he does best (simulation with a stuffed husky) trying to out bully a bigger dog (his favorite attempt to get over his small dog syndrome)

Cocogreen ‘s figure heads. Kembot Ko (the jackrussel) being the BOSS

Mama of 8 gorgeous Bichon Frises

Leroy, Friendliest Dog award!

Petlovers Closet, stunning dog costumes

Pup Culture doing a talk on Proper dog socialization etiquette

The bichon frise clique, all 8 of them arrived with such energy and excitement!

Juicing for Dogs 101: Detoxing from commercial processed food and junk-eating

Hush Puppies and Balto in the house!

Second smartest dog, Poodle!

Celebrity Alaskan Malamute!

Welcoming particpants at the registration booth

With our favorite husky hybrid

Amiel and his well behaved & well exercised boxer

Best in costume

Actor Rafael Rosell trying out the all natural, organic, fruity and floral, from Royal Tea

Pom Power!

Captivating Husky Eyes

Picture Company’s complimentary photoshoot for everyone

Most behaved and well adored dog of the day

Best in costume consolation winner

The magic hand behind the magical event. Cristine Ongson

Three Alaskan Malamute were in the scene!

Consulting withe our Dog behavior expert Raine Guzman

Holding plantbased gluten free Jerties Delights (top left) Cristine and Raine (top right) Tony Stark aka Iron man (bottom left)



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