Doggie Fun Fair | Doggie ARF-FAIR
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A Valentine Celebration

As February is the month of LOVE, we held a mini-get together of 50 attendees and their doggies for DOGGIE FUN ARF-FAIR last February 15 at Cocogreen, Yakal St., Makati City. With a smaller and more intimate atmosphere, doggie lovers engaged in doggie speed dating, enjoyed our games and raffle, shopped to their heart’s content, and learned grooming, feeding and training techniques from our doggie experts.

Guests enjoyed an afternoon of premium european loose leaf tea from Royal Tea and gluten-free pastries while listening to US-based retired dog trainer Raine Guzman as she answered our curiosities and must-knows on Dog behavior and training tips.

US-Based Dog Trainer, Raine, teaches our eager learners how to train their doggies.

Shop to your heart’s content with Petlovers Closet one-of-a-kind doggie costumes

Actor Rafael Rosell trying out the all natural, organic, fruity and floral, from Royal Tea

Our doggie lovers also learned how to Juice Coldpress for our dog’s optimum health: What vegetables and fruits to avoid, and what recipes to subscribe to boost our bestfriend’s immunity, prevent worms, enhance coat luster, strenghten bones, avoid cancer and most of all, prevent malnutrition from over dependence on processed over-the-counter pet food and synthetic supplements.

Weizel Gulfan of Cocogreen teaches our guests how to prepare food that healthy for our doggies.

We would like to thank everyone who came and supported our event, especially our partners and sponsors. We hope to see you again for Doggie Fun Fair Year 3 in 2016!

Check out a video summary of our event below.

This event was brought to you by Petlovers Closet and Online Philippines Corp

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